Thursday, June 27, 2013

My parents' anniversary and Ben helping me

Tuesday, the 25th, we went to the A's game with my parents and cousin.  We had the best time!  Ben opened up to me more about his work and family life.  I opened up more to him about my family life as well.  I loved hearing his stories.  They opened up my eyes more to what he encounters each day and part of what makes him who he is.  For the first time ever, at our sixth ball game together, we sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the Seventh-Inning Stretch.  I liked being with one of my favorite cousins, parents, and Ben at the same time.

Yesterday, my on-off again cough/cold/fever/sinus/wheezing sickness, that started nearly two weeks ago, climaxed.  Amazing superhero boyfriend Ben came to my rescue with a bag of meds.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ben works on his house

Friday we tried out Val's.  I hadn't been there in a decade!  So fun!  Our Shabbat consisted of listening to Jewish and Israeli music and me giving Ben extensive, relaxing, and gentle massage.  He's a hard-worker; deserves it!

Saturday I surprised Ben with breakfast in bed.  We went shopping at Costco together :)
Sunday I cleaned Ben's bathroom while he worked to construct a bedroom in his house.  We went to the Alameda county fair, where I had fried Oreos - which I've been wanting to taste for a decade!

We watched a really nice bluegrass band perform a bit.
We shopped at TJ's together.  When dropping me off, Ben just called me Morah - how endearing!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm In!!!

Being offered a position at the JCC meant a lot, but even more, celebrating it with Ben - having him there to congratulate me - gave me a memory that I'll never forget.

So tired from working all day, he still offered to meet me at the Cheesecake Factory - talk about endurance and stamina!  I'm so grateful for and love Ben so much!

Once served, my baby had his mac 'n' cheese burger (he likes mac 'n' cheese on almost anything), and I, my salad.  Afterwards, we went back to his parents' home and relaxed together.  Ben gave me medicine because I felt a bit ill.

Not only did I greatly appreciate Ben's being there to give me hugs afterwards, but I greatly appreciate how much he encouraged me along the way; how much he believed in me.

Ben believing in me makes me believe in myself.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Title says it all

 First couple of months knowing my caring passionate beautiful girlfriend were spent uncovering how many similarities we really had. From our heritage, to upbringing as a child, to hobbies, to city of residence, and origin of worship. It really & still does feel like G-d had a special hand in us meeting. (We did meet in a temple)

She sees through my shortcomings and takes me for me. Been by my side through tragic events, and held me tighter. Gaby has brought light to my life in so many ways. I hope one day I can show her the same in return. Been with me from when I was at the bottom, and we're on our way to the top. 

I'm excited for what our future has to bring. And know deep down that G-d has something special planned for us. Gaby's gift with teaching children I know will be showcased in her second interview at the JCC. No matter what I will be by her side, no matter the outcome. She knows this. But I know my sweetheart, and she knows ill be by her side celebrating on Wednesday when I see her next after she gets the job. 

I love you baby, for you, more than you know. 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fireworks at the A's Game

We had such a super fantastic, absolutely awesome, beyond incredible time together.  On Friday, Ben drove me to the A's game, where we got to just enjoy each other's sweet company, cracking jokes, kissing, and chatting the night away.

On Saturday, Ben kindly treated me to Pasta Pomodoro (it felt so fancy!)  We looked around in Best Buy, realizing our money could be well spent on (have to be smart!)  Then we napped together (zZzZzZ!!!)  It feels so right to be next to each other!  At night, we chowed down on some Panda Express.  Sunday morning, I woke up early and got us donuts.  We mouth-fed pieces to each other like we were babies.  We napped more and then woke-up and left to each see our daddies for Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's gettin' hotter outside!

We had a fantastic 9-month anniversary.  I couldn't ask for better.  We indulged, having a great dinner and dessert, time in the hot tub, and something refreshing to drink.

We visited Oakland for First Friday.  Ben really liked seeing the muscle cars.  What a true man.  We had outstanding Mexican cuisine for dinner (surprise!)

Ben stayed up late and I made a long drive just so that we could have a small visit Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Ben came over and we had dinner, hot tubbed, and had a very productive check-in regarding our relationship's direction.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spending time with the love of my life

Some weekends I leave Ben feeling bummed about having to say good-bye.  But today, wow, I am just so thankful and so happy I got to see my babe at all.

I had the best weekend with him.  We had the best weekend.  We dressed fancy to celebrate Shabbat in our own hotel room.  We'd been to the place before and had a great time!  We had the most special Shabbat that we ever had, on Friday.  After making our blessings, we each described ten attributes that we highly valued within the other person.  It felt meaningful.

We awoke in the morning, feeling alive - had breakfast at the buffet downstairs and enjoyed the hot tub.  We went to a new restaurant for us, for lunch - El Burro.  It felt like we had walked into Madrid!  - a very authentic-feeling eatery.  Afterwards, we'd sleep for hours in Ben's bed.

After awaking, we went to visit Len, Ben's dad at the hospital.  It was nice seeing his mom and dad; even saw Ben's grandma.  We'd spend the night at Ben's parents house, watching the Voice.  Ben's mommy got me the perfect birthday gift - a hot/cold thermos with teacher designs on it.

Then, this
morning, we went to the beach!  We picked up some Alize and laid in the meadow, upon a cliff, overlooking Pacifica.  Then we had some bomb Taco Bell, beachside!  so fun!